How to Check the Theme Name and Plugin Details of Any WordPress Website

In the vast and diverse world of WordPress, identifying the theme and plugins used by a website can be a challenging task. However, "What WordPress Theme Is That" comes to the rescue as a free online tool that effortlessly reveals the secrets behind a WordPress site's appearance and functionality. This powerful tool not only detects the WordPress theme but also uncovers the plugins responsible for its unique features. Let's delve into the capabilities and benefits of this remarkable tool.

How to Check the Theme Name and Plugin Details of Any WordPress Website

Theme Detection Made Easy:
"What WordPress Theme Is That" simplifies the process of identifying the WordPress theme employed by a website. By merely entering the URL of the website, this tool swiftly scans the site and unveils the theme at hand. Whether it's a popular theme or a customized one, the tool provides valuable insights into the visual foundation of the site.

Parent and Child Theme Insights:
In addition to detecting the primary theme, "What WordPress Theme Is That" goes a step further by identifying parent and child themes. This feature is particularly useful when a child theme inherits functionalities and styles from its parent theme. Understanding the theme hierarchy enhances your comprehension of how the website is constructed.

Plugin Revelation:
Beyond theme detection, this tool is equipped to uncover the WordPress plugins employed by a given website. Plugins play a vital role in extending the functionality and features of a WordPress site. By identifying the plugins in use, "What WordPress Theme Is That" allows users to explore the underlying tools that power the site's unique capabilities.

1. "WordPress Theme Detector" (
  • Description: WordPress Theme Detector is a free online tool that enables you to discover the WordPress theme and plugins being used by a particular website. By entering the website's address, the tool analyzes the site and provides comprehensive information about its theme and plugins.
  • Additional Features: The website also offers statistic reports on top themes, top theme providers, and top plugins. It provides insights into the popularity and usage patterns of different themes and plugins within the WordPress ecosystem.
  • Custom Themes : It's important to mention that while "What WordPress Theme Is That" is a reliable tool, it may always accurately detect heavily customized or custom-built themes that have modified their code extensively.

2. "What WordPress Theme Is That" (
  • Description: What WordPress Theme Is That is a widely used free online tool for identifying the WordPress theme and plugins employed by a website. It offers a straightforward process where users input the website's URL, and the tool performs an analysis to reveal the theme and plugins in use.
  • Newsletter: The website provides a newsletter subscription option to receive the latest WordPress news and special deals on WordPress themes.
  • WordPress Hosting Recommendations: Users seeking high-quality WordPress hosting solutions can find recommendations on the website for reliable WordPress hosting providers.
  • WordPress Stats: The website offers insights into the most commonly detected WordPress theme providers and plugins, providing a glimpse into the popularity and usage trends in the WordPress community.
3. What Technology use Website (
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"What WordPress Theme Is That" empowers users with the ability to unravel the mysteries behind WordPress websites. This free online tool provides quick and accurate insights into the theme, parent and child themes, and plugins utilized by a website. Whether you're a curious visitor, a web developer seeking inspiration, or a designer exploring new possibilities, this tool opens a realm of knowledge and creativity within the WordPress ecosystem. Embrace the power of "What WordPress Theme Is That" and unlock the secrets behind every captivating WordPress site.

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