The Best Local WordPress Development Environments


A local WordPress development environment is a powerful tool that allows users to make changes to their WordPress websites quickly and easily while minimizing the risk of breaking their live sites. It provides a safe and isolated environment where users can test themes, plugins, and updates without affecting the functionality of their website. With a local development environment, users can experiment, troubleshoot, and fine-tune their website's design and functionality before implementing changes on the live site. These tools offer high performance and productivity, all while working offline, making them a convenient and efficient solution for WordPress website development and maintenance.

The Best Local WordPress Development Environments


Laragon: A Modern and Powerful Local Development Environment Laragon is a highly regarded local development environment that is trusted and loved by developers worldwide. Here are some of the reasons why Laragon is a preferred choice:

Modern and Maintained: Laragon is a modern and well-maintained tool, constantly updated to meet the evolving needs of developers. Its rich feature set ensures an enhanced web development experience.

Easy to Use and Efficient: Laragon is known for its ease of use and efficiency. Developers appreciate its straightforward installation process and user-friendly interface. Setting up a new project locally is a breeze with Laragon, saving valuable time and effort.

Flexibility and Dependency Management: Laragon offers flexibility in managing dependencies such as MySQL and PHP versions. Developers can easily update or switch between dependencies without encountering conflicts, ensuring smooth development workflows.

Lightweight and Fast: With Laragon, developers can enjoy a lightweight local development environment. The core of Laragon consumes minimal system resources, providing optimal performance without draining laptop energy.

Laragon also has low minimal requirements and can run on an inexpensive laptop. The core of Laragon uses less than 4MB RAM - Save your laptop energy!

  • Developer : Laragon
  • OS: Windows
  • Price: free.


Local by Flywheel: Effortless WordPress Development Locally
Local by Flywheel is another popular local host that simplifies WordPress development. Here are the key features and benefits of using Local:

Automatic WordPress Installation: Local streamlines the process of setting up WordPress locally with its automatic installation feature. With just one click, developers can have a fully functional WordPress site ready to go, complete with SSL.

High Performance: Local by Flywheel offers a high-performance local development environment. It has been optimized for speed, ensuring smooth and efficient development processes. Developers can check out the benchmark results to witness its impressive performance.

Advanced Development Features: Local provides advanced development features that enhance productivity. It offers root SSH access, WP-CLI integration, and the ability to hot-swap PHP environments for easy testing. These features empower developers to work efficiently and effectively.

MagicSync and Live Links: Local's MagicSync feature intelligently recommends files to update during deployment, giving developers granular control over synchronization. Additionally, Live Links enable developers to create persistent URLs, allowing easy sharing of local WordPress sites with clients and colleagues.

    If you have limited computer resources, it's important to note that Local utilizes approximately 150 MB of memory.
    • Developer: WP Engine (Flywheel).
    • OS: Windows/Mac/Linux.
    • Price: free.


    Both Laragon and Local by Flywheel offer compelling features and benefits for WordPress local development. Laragon stands out with its modern and maintained environment, ease of use, and flexibility in dependency management. On the other hand, Local by Flywheel impresses with its effortless WordPress installation, high performance, and advanced development features. Choosing between the two depends on individual preferences and specific project requirements. Regardless of the choice, both Laragon and Local provide valuable tools that enhance the WordPress development experience, making them worthy options for developers seeking efficient local hosting solutions.

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