Islami Bank iBanking Smart TPIN

Smart TPIN is a method introduced by Islami Bank for its internet banking users. Instead of receiving a physical TPIN mailer, customers manually set their TPIN (Transaction TPIN) for internet banking. Here are the instructions for the iBanking Green TPIN service:

Islami Bank iBanking Smart PIN

  1. Debit Approval: Debit approval for iBanking users will be done without a physical TPIN request.
  2. Call the Contact Center: After debit approval, call +8809611316259 from your registered phone number provided during iBanking registration to set the Green PIN.
  3. Call Verification: The system will automatically identify you as an iBanking user and transfer the call to a contact center agent for further verification.
  4. Verification Questions: The contact center agent will ask you prescribed questions to verify your identity.
  5. IVR for Green TPIN: After successful verification, the agent will transfer the call to the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for setting the Green TPIN.
  6. Set 4-Digit PIN: The IVR will prompt you to set a 4-digit PIN. Enter the desired PIN when prompted.
  7. Confirmation: You will be asked to re-enter the same 4-digit PIN for confirmation. The system will match the PIN and store it against your iBanking profile. The IVR will confirm the success of the PIN setting and send a confirmation SMS/email to your registered mobile number/email address.
  8. Change PIN: After the Green PIN is set, log in to your iBanking profile and change the PIN again before initiating any transactional activities.
  9. Resetting the PIN: If you forget your existing TPIN and want to reset or set a new Green PIN, you can follow the same process by calling +8809611316259 from your registered phone number.

Need to know more

For further assistance, please contact us through one of the following options:
Contact any Bank Branch/ Agent Banking Outlet/ Sub-Branch.

  • Local Office (02) 9552897
  • Foreign Exchange Branch 9565756, 9569412, 9569413
  • Foreign Remittance Service 7111081, 7112038, 7117718 (Customer Service: Ext 422, 416)
  • Overseas Banking Division 9563040 (Ext: 301,317) SWIFT : 112
  • ATM Card Support 01713190693, 01729072890, 01729072891, 9830840, 9830844

Please note that the provided instructions are specific to Islami Bank's iBanking Green PIN service. If you have any further questions or need assistance, it's recommended to contact Islami Bank's call center or customer service for accurate and up-to-date information.

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