Windows System Run Commands

This text highlights the advantages of using Run commands in Windows to efficiently access settings and applications. It suggests memorizing the commands as a way to minimize mouse interaction and increase productivity. The author shares their personal preference for keyboard shortcuts and provides a list of frequently used commands to get started.

Windows System Run Commands

The quickest way to access the Run dialogue in all versions of Windows is by using the following keyboard shortcut: Windows Key ⊞ + R

To open the Run command in Windows 10, right-click Start > Run.

In Windows 8 or 7, select Start > Run.

Command What It Does
Cmd Opens the command prompt.
Compmgmt.msc Opens the computer management console.
Devmgmt.msc Opens the device manager.
Diskmgmt.msc Opens the disk management tool.
Eventvwr.msc Opens the event viewer.
Fsmgmt.msc Opens shared folders.
Gpedit.msc Opens the group policy editor.
Lusrmgr.msc Opens the local users and groups.
Mailto: Opens the default email client.
Msconfig Opens the system configuration utility.
Msinfo32 Opens the system information utility.
Netplwiz Opens User Name list.
Perfmon.msc Opens the performance monitor.
Regedit Opens the registry editor.
Rsop.msc Opens the resultant set of policies.
Secpol.msc Opens local security settings.
Services.msc Opens services utility.
System.ini Windows loading information.
Win.ini Windows loading information.
Winver Shows the current version of Windows.

Control Panel Access Run Commands

Command What It Does
Appwiz.cpl Add/Remove Programs
Timedate.cpl Date/Time Properties
Desk.cpl Display Properties
Fonts Fonts Folder
Inetcpl.cpl Internet Properties
Main.cpl keyboard Keyboard Properties
Main.cpl Mouse Properties
Mmsys.cpl Multimedia Properties
Mmsys.cpl sounds Sound Properties
Sysdm.cpl System Properties

These are just a few examples of commonly used Run commands. There are many more available, and you can explore them based on your specific needs and preferences.

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