How to add Call & Email Able Links In HTML

HTML5 includes protocols like tel: and mailto: that make phone and email links clickable. Different browsers respond differently to these protocols. Some will launch the phone app and display the number, while others will ask for confirmation before making the call. Similarly, some will open the default email client with the recipient's email address pre-filled.

Adding an HTML Phone Number Call Link to your Website

Add the code as text to the location you want the link to appear:

   <a href="tel:123-456-7890"> +123-456-7890</a>
   <a href="tel:+1234567890">Call us at +123-456-7890</a>
   <a href="tel:123-456-7890p123">CLICK TO CALL</a>

Adding Country Codes

<a href="tel:+1123-456-7890">123-456-7890</a>

Creating Code for an Email Link or URL The HTML code for email is mailto: The email address is added to the end, like this:

Creating Code for an Email Link or URL:

 <a href="mailto:[email protected]"> [email protected] </a>

Just like the phone link, you can use the visual portion to add a message, such as:

 <a href="mailto: [email protected]"> Click here to send me an email</a>

Other Calls to Action:

  • tel: – place a phone call
  • mailto: – open an email app
  • callto: open Skype
  • sms: – send a text message
  • fax: – send a fax

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